How is hosting important for seo


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  • StaceyRichardson
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2018
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    How is hosting important for seo

    I am looking for a reliable cloud hosting service provider and during my search for this purpose. I came to the term SEO hosting. So, is their any such thing like seo hosting.
    Secondly, what role does hosting plays in the seo of a website.? and how accu web hosting ease the job for the seo of my website.?
    AccuWeb provides feature-packed Windows VPS and Cloud web hosting services with remote desktop access, shared hosting, and hosting on both SSD and Classic server.
  • manisha
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2019
    • 2

    Yes, web hosting does affect SEO. It is important which company you are choosing for web hosting. If the company is good and well established in the market then surely you don't face any problem while dealing with the website hosting.

    Factors that you need to consider while hosting a website.

    1. Uptime/Downtime

    2. Speed

    3. Location

    4. Security

    5. HTTP/SSL support

    1. Uptime/Downtime:-

    Uptime means your website page loading speed should be always fast and easily accessible to the user. Downtime is exactly opposite to uptime in that your website is inaccessible due to problems with the servers its hosted on. In that Search engine spiders tries to visit your page several times but due to the downtime of the website, it won't get any record and spiders move on to the next website.

    2. Speed:-

    A slower than average loading speed isn't necessarily the fault of web hosting. The configuration and coding part is also one of the reasons why your website slows down. If you are sure that all the technical part of your website is well optimized and still you are getting poor speed then you need to contact web hosting company and ask them to move your website to the different server.


    In addition to a variety of the other factors such as content, backlinks etc. to display the most relevant search result to assess the location of a website. You can search your website based on the location for e.g. if you are searching any website with some keywords from India and the server is also located in India itself then it will give you the result in higher ranking than the people who are searching the same keyword from other countries.


    • JessicaJohansso
      • Mar 2018
      • 25

      Thanks for sharing the very informative information, I also want to know about it in details.


      • akshaypandit
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2019
        • 1

        I think hosting providers plays an important role in your website you should always choose one which provides you 24x7x365 support bc if your site goes down they must resolve it asap.
        also the uptime matters and server speed too.


        • techinfo
          Junior Member
          • Feb 2021
          • 2

          SEO hosting has multiple class IP address which helps in website getting good traffic and good ranking in search engine


          • gulshannegi
            Junior Member
            • Feb 2021
            • 2

            Many business owners focus so much on the aesthetic appeal of their website because they think that’s what will attract new customers. But all the money spent on design isn’t worth a thing if your site isn’t being found.

            Web hosting is an often overlooked, yet critical, factor in determining your website’s SEO rankings.
            • Uptime/Downtime

            The quality of your web host is a key determinant of how accessible your website actually is. The poorer the host quality, the more often your website is will be down, which can damage your SEO rankings. On the other hand, if your website is accessible virtually all of the time — especially when Google crawls it — it’s more likely to be found in relevant searches.
            • Speed
            Website’s page load speed affects SEO rankings. The internet is a competitive place, and people are no longer willing to wait to see the content on a slow site. You can control some of the factors affecting the speed of your websites, such as coding and content, but much of it depends on your host. Just like downtime, speed fluctuates, so check your website’s load time often to see if there are any significant or concerning changes. Some host-related factors that you can check on including the type of hard drive technology, availability of a content delivery network (CDN), and whether the hosting is optimized for your content management system, such as WordPress.
            • IP Location

            The physical location of the web host can have an impact on your SEO rankings. Search engines may rank websites with IP addresses in the same country as the company higher than ones based in other countries. So try to find a site host with servers in your country to boost your website’s SEO potential. IP location can also affect your website’s speed. If you’re targeting users in a different Country from the one where your host server is located, those users are likely to experience slower loading times, which can have an adverse impact on your website’s success.
            • Security
            Poor website security can be truly detrimental to your site’s SEO. Attackers can hack your website, create spam pages, and generate massive amounts of fake backlinks to your site — just the sort of thing Google loves to penalize. By the time you successfully identify the fraudulent page and have it removed, Google will likely have already imposed the penalty and the damage will have been done. Poor security also increases the chances that your website could get infected with malware, which can lead to your site being blacklisted by search engines or showing a security warning in the search results. Before choosing a web host, be sure they have security technology options available and malware removal support to defend your site from attackers.
            • HTTPS / SSL Support

            More and more websites are moving toward using https to protect user data in their web traffic. Because of this, Google has specifically stated that SSL is an SEO ranking factor. It’s still a minor ranking factor for the moment, and therefore shouldn’t have too strong an impact, but it increasingly looks like it will become more important in the near future.
            • Tech Support

            When a website goes down, time suddenly comes to a standstill, and panic sets in. These moments will reveal your web host’s true character. Make sure your host has 24/7 tech support help available. If you want to go even further, investigate the experience of your host’s support staff. This way, if disaster strikes, you’ll know you have a dedicated and capable support team ready to come to your rescue.