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  • Manuel_
    What is the meaning of make 4 post for the same issue? Please don't cross post.

    It is already answered at
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  • host_planer
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  • host_planer
    started a topic Big problem with

    Big problem with

    I am absolutely gob-smacked at what terrible and shocking treatment I recieved from Tmax Host (

    1. A client contacted me to say their website had been down about a week, I hadn't received any notification from Tmax.

    2. Had to raise a support ticket at Tmax and after getting a few days run around, was told the domain was involved in spamming, and had been suspended, and that "we need action plan".

    3. The domain, owned by a 60 year old woman in the countryside, as no IT skills whatsoever, so I told them spamming was impossible and what were the options, and what is "action plan".

    4. They replied, I was not taking the issue seriously and hadn't given them "action plan" and the domain is now cancelled.

    5. I was upset, the client is upset, and I asked lots of questions, including a question, "could anyone at Tmax have taken the password?"

    6. Then Tmax suspended ALL my domains, because "I accused them serious offence". I didn't know a question could be an accusation; But, now all my clients, their businesses and livelihood are affected.

    7. I demand that all put back live all the innocent party domains, but they refuse, and now don't even answer my emails.

    I find it truely beyond belief that a company can act like this.

    What actions should I take now?

    any comments?
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