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  • big
    Re: Get paid for posting banners on your site!

    For an upcoming production I need to highlight the the edges of chairs with uv
    ink/pait so that there is a "sketch" or "outline" effect when we go to uv lighting.
    I feel that this will be a lot easier with a pen than a paint prush and a steady
    hand. I' can get my hands on both uv pens and paint but I've only ever used paint
    never a pen and as this stuff is pretty pricey (5 euro a pen from maplin, and I
    have 15 chairs of which every hard edge needs to be done!!) I was wondering if
    anyone could tell me if they have used them for a stage appilcation before and
    how it worked, we have quite a beefy UV wash (not sure of the specs but I've seen
    it in use with before with paint and it worked a treat) so im not that concerned
    about that, I do have money for this I just don't want to waste it as it is not
    endless. The problem is that normally I would just buy one pen and test it but as
    the UV Kit is hire we wont have it until nearer the show and I really dont want
    this to be a last minute job.
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  • kgippc
    started a topic Get paid for posting banners on your site!

    Get paid for posting banners on your site!

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