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How to Choose the Right Domain Name?


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  • How to Choose the Right Domain Name?

    To make yourself familiar with the kind of domain names that your users might prefer, it is expected that you take into consideration the opinion of others about your domain name choices.I would like share certain things that you need to fight shy of while registering a domain name to be used for your main company web site:

    *Avoid the use of hyphen because it enhances the possibility of forgetting your domain name while typing your name into the browser or even at the time of sending e-mail to you. This is problematic.
    *Strive not to use digits in your domain name. For instance, if it is, you have to make everybody aware that it is not "three" but "3".
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    Re: How to Choose the Right Domain Name

    Keep some of the points in your mind while choosing the Domain name:

    Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords
    Make the Domain Unique
    Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains
    Make it Easy to Type
    Make it Easy to Remember
    Keep the Name as Short as Possible
    Create and Fulfill Expectations


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      Re: How to Choose the Right Domain Name

      You are responsible for your domain name registration. You must maintain current contact and billing information to keep the domain registered in your name. This is to protect you from losing your domain name. If someone else owns your domain name, there is little you can do to get it back.


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        Re: How to Choose the Right Domain Name

        OK, we all agree, the best domain names have already been taken. However, if you are creative with your word selection and think laterally, you can come up with a great domain name. The following advice is particularly relevant to your business website, however you can apply the same rationale to your own personal websites and sports website.

        # Keep it short.
        # Make sure it is easy to spell.
        # Make sure it is easy to pronounce on the phone.
        # Use simple and plain English.
        # Use real words from the dictionary.
        # Use search engine keywords.
        # Keep it descriptive! Use words which describe exactly what you do.
        # Keep it simple and don't confuse your audience. What is this? www. Is it 'Shoe Swearing' or 'Shoes Wearing'?
        # Cover your options and buy more than one domain if you need to.
        # Only index one domain per website on search engines, if you wish to avoid diluting your search engine ranking.
        # Choose the right domain provider. They are not all the same and many have hidden charges.
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          Re: How to Choose the Right Domain Name

          # DO keep domain names short and simple. Generally, the shorter the domain name the easier it is to remember or write down, and the less chance of users noting and remembering it incorrectly. Restrict the domain name to one, two or three words at most. (The one exception to this is the next tip). All other things being equal, give preference to words with fewer syllables and words that are easy to pronounce. Short is good, but don't use difficult to remember acronyms, such as qmxf.


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            Re: How to Choose the Right Domain Name

            I think it mainly depend on the kind of business you are going to start. The name you select for your domain must reflect the kind of business you are doing so that people can remember your domain easily with some reference.


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              Re: How to Choose the Right Domain Name

              extensions of your domain name.