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Choosing right keyword for your site


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  • Choosing right keyword for your site

    Before submitting your pages to search engines, the most important task is to select the right keywords to get your website in search result. Keywords which will best way describe your site and which will bring visitors to your web page. you should be very careful about choosing right keyword. After you make your own list of keywords, ask your friends to give you their suggestions and feedback. Use a thesaurus or dictionary. Some words may make perfect sense to you but may not to others and vice versa. After you choose them, add plurals of the same keywords. Always try to use keyword phrases so they make sense when they are put together. The key to successful promotion through search engines is to have the right keywords implemented at all the right places on your Web Page.

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    Re: Choosing right keyword for your site

    Major source of research for keywords are your server log files. When a visitor finds your site using a search page, the words they used to find you are entered in your server log files. By looking at this information you can find:
    • keywords to target
    • phrases to target
    • ideas for new pages
    As an example, we noticed that people found our site by typing in 'writing email newsletters'. The information we had on the subject was very limited though. We wrote a new page about writing email newsletters, uploaded it to our site and now it pulls in a good number of visitors on its own every day. Keep finding those keywords and keep building new web content around them.



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      Re: Choosing right keyword for your site

      select keywords that you are within their business .. open by google keywords tools and you can find what keywords would you use ...
      Try to choose keywords with little competition to google, or many people will find your site in google ..

      Thanks a lot, and hope it's can help


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        Re: Choosing right keyword for your site

        choosing right keywords for a site is the main and 1st step of SEO. Thanks for providing the info about choosing keywords.