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  • Meta Tag Considerations

    Though most largest search engines do not 'spider' the keyword Meta Tags on your page, and in some cases ignore these completely, the use of Meta Tags on your page still serves an important purpose. There are literally hundreds, even thousands of smaller search engines scattered all across the Internet. Whilst the bigger engines tend to 'spider' whole pages instead and obtain their results from that, these smaller search engines don't have as much physical space to work with and must do things differently. It is in these particular engines you will find that Meta Tags are still very important.

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    Ya, correct!!

    I recommend to newbie to enter proper Meta tags for Description, title and keywords in individual page of your website. It is very important step.

    Recommended sites for Meta tag Builder:


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      Re: Meta Tag Considerations

      Now a days top search engines do not consider meta tags as an important factor. But still if meta tags are used in proper position then they can be helpful to increase the traffic as there are millions of smaller search engines who still give them some importance.