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Types of Link Building


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  • Types of Link Building

    Hello friend,
    Types of Link Building:

    i) Authority Link- It helps to get links directly from sources that would be considered trusted seed sites in algorithms like DMOZ, the Yahoo! Directory, and Wikipedia might be considered obvious authorities and trust seed sites.It can be done for good search engine ranking, increasing link popularity and attracting more traffic to self-owned website.

    ii) Directory Link- It is the process of building a link with few well-known directories like Dmoz, Yahoo.dir, and in order to find niche directories.

    iii) Reciprocal Link- It is the process of exchanging links based on some agreement between two trusted websites who shares the same business interest with an aim of increase website traffic and link popularity.

    iv) One-Way Link- It is the process of link building where link is built with some website on their interest, without getting connected back to that website. It is also called inbound link, which is highly important for link popularity.

    V) Press release links - Press releases are generally NOT a great way to get links, but you can pick up some that may be of value. Every little bit helps, and remember (again) this is only a small part of your overall link profile

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    Re: Types of Link Building

    Article links and RSS/ Blog aggregated links are also the types of Link building which you have not specified.


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      Re: Types of Link Building

      It doesn't matter that someone has not posted the full types , it is just an extra knowledge which can be used while using seo tools.


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        Re: Types of Link Building

        HI !! there are three types
        one way linking
        three way linking


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          Re: Types of Link Building

          According to me, There are basically 3 type of Link building.

          (1)One Way Link Building
          (2)Reciprocal(Link Exchange)
          (3)Three Way Link Building


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            Re: Types of Link Building

            I only believe in this but I also know sites as good as Alexa < 100 who are just doing link exchange as the main source of Link building.


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              Re: Types of Link Building

              One-way link building
              Reciprocal link building
              Article submission
              Press release submission
              Triangular OR three way link exchange
              Social bookmarking and Social networking


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                Re: Types of Link Building

                There are different type of links such as horizontal, vertical. Such as one way link and two ways links. It may include directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, reciprocal links. I did count how to use different ways.


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                  Re: Types of Link Building

                  i hate submitting to directories. they caused some moolha


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                    Re: Types of Link Building

                    There are two techniques use in seo to improve the PR. First one is on page and second one is Off page. Off page consist of link building such as Article submission, Directory submission, Forum posting, Press release and social bookmarking.


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                      Re: Types of Link Building

                      types of link building are here...

                      Directory Submission,
                      Article Submission,
                      Social Bookmarking,
                      Forum Posting,
                      Blogs Commenting,
                      Press Release Submission,
                      RSS feed Submission,
                      and Reciprocal Links,


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                        Re: Types of Link Building

                        In my opinion three types of Link Building

                        1) Internal Link Building
                        2) External Link Building
                        3) Back Links