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Most preferred: Windows or Linux


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  • Most preferred: Windows or Linux


    I just want to know your opinion about Windows and Linux servers..What would be the most advisable to use for web hosting?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Most preferred: Windows or Linux

    Depends on what you need the computer for. If you want to do high end gaming, with a lot of application support, then I'd go windows. Linux is a good operating system, but windows is still more popular.


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      Both of them are good, But most people go with windows instead of linux cause most of the things available for windows easily. So, I think you should go for windows if you want everything otherwise for simple applications linux is fine..


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        I love windows a lot. It's most reliable and effective and also people love to use it and understand.


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          For me Linux for work and programier. And I use them


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            It mostly depends on mostly what your computer needs, Linux Hosting is fully compatible with PHP and MySQL (Supports for word press, PHPBB, and Zen Cart). Where Windows Hosting is compatible with windows only has the operating systems for servers. Windows-specific technologies are ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL server.
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              I advise you on windows servers. linux is a good operating system, though most prefer to windows.


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                For Web Hosting I suggest you can go through Linux OS. Because it is stability as a open source OS it adapt to almost any environment but in windows is closed OS it has less stability as compare to Linux OS. As an open source OS it is more secure and Cheaper than Windows OS and you have no need to Buy any License for Linux OS. It provides software in very low price as comparison from Windows OS. At the end if your website made in ASP or ASP.NET then you can select Windows web hosting otherwise you go for Linux web hosting.


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                  Linux Server Is Best For Web Hosting As Comparison To Windows Server. There Are Many Features That Make It Better From Windows Os. First One Is Stability. Linux Server Don’t Crashes Over The Many Years But Window Server Need To Reboot After 5 Years. Based On Unix System It Is More Secure From Windows Server. As An Open Source Linux Provides Many Free Servers Like As Apache, DNS Server And Many More. Linux Is That The System Is Slim, Trim, Flexible, And Scalable. It Adjusts According To Your Computer Environment Regarding Processor Or Machine Architecture. So I Suggest You Linux Is Best For Hosting.


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                    Linux vs Windows Server are the two of the important web-hosting services in Software Operation Industry. Both Linux vs Windows Server have some similarities in nature but at the same point in time, there are also many differences between Linux vs Windows Server

                    Linux Server (Pros and Cons):

                    1. It is open sourced and thus freely available
                    2. It is very secured and less prone to any cyber threats
                    3. It supports multitasking functionality
                    4. It also provides administrative from the system admin support perspective
                    1. It?s not that user-friendly when compared to that of windows servers
                    2. From the gaming and entertainment support perspective, it?s less compatible than that of windows servers
                    3. It normally doesn?t have that much support from the driver creation and storage management perspective
                    4. From a technical support perspective, it is also a little bit on a lesser side than that of windows support.

                    Windows Servers (Pros and Cons):

                    1. It is user-friendly and based on graphical user interphase approach
                    2. It provides support to a large number of third-party applications
                    3. It provides long-term and extensive support to all the versions
                    4. It follows an easily customizable approach from the end user perspective
                    5. System updates are easily install-able compared to its competitors in windows server.
                    1. It is not freely available and involved in a high-cost licensing approach
                    2. It is vulnerable to security threats and cyber crimes
                    3. It is not a favorable option from the multi-user perspective.
                    4. It is also prone user made errors and malware.



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                      I advise you on windows servers. linux is a good operating system, though most prefer to windows.


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                        Linux will run faster than windows latest editions even with a modern desktop environment and features of the operating system whereas windows are slow on older hardware. Linux distributions don't collect user data whereas Windows collect all the user details which lead to privacy concern.


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                          If you are going to use Windows specific technologies then you should get Windows hosting.
                          If you want to do anything else and not use Windows specific technologies then go for Linux Hosting.


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                            i always prefer linux server


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                              I love windows a lot.



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