Hello everyone,,
I have just spent several hours attempting to understand AWS' pricing options and it has boggles my mind. I've used their calculators and it seems like I will either pay $0.50 or $300 a month for what I want.

I am an intermediate web developer and would like a straightforward Linux server I can run Express or Apache on for a low cost website. I expect a small amount of traffic as it is a just personal project. I understand they say you get 750 hours per month for a year of their micro EC2 with Amazon - does this mean I could run a Linux server for 750 hours a month doing what I want with it?

Is AWS (or the other giants in cloud hosting Google, Rackspace etc) even a good place for my project? I've looked at a2hosting, hostgator etc however they seem to also have their downsides.

Any info would be great...