How to Create a Forward Lookup zone?


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  • MitchelClarke
    Re: How to Create a Forward Lookup zone?

    From the “Active Directory Zone Replication Scope” dialog box select one of the radial button options or accept the default of “To all domain controllers in the Active Directory domain Name.Com and click

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  • Lance
    Re: How to Create a Forward Lookup zone?

    Thanks for your useful information about forward lookup zone.

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  • kenn
    started a topic How to Create a Forward Lookup zone?

    How to Create a Forward Lookup zone?

    1. Click on server maintains the zone.

    2. Click Next.

    3. In the Zone name box, type the name of the zone. Make sure that the name is the same as the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) DNS domain name for which the zone is authoritative.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Click one of the following three options:
    a.) Click Allow only secure dynamic updates if the zone is integrated into Active Directory.
    b.) Click Allow any dynamic updates for all other zones (that is, zones that are not necessarily integrated into Active Directory).
    c.) Click does not allow dynamic updates if all updates to this zone are to be made manually. Click Next.

    6. Click yes, it should forward queries to DNS servers with the following IP address to forward queries for names external to your network to another DNS server located elsewhere on the Internet. Typically, you use this option if you use your ISP's DNS server for external name resolution queries. Type the forwarding DNS server's IP address.

    If you do not want to resolve names outside your network by forwarding queries to an external server, click No, it should not forward queries.
    7.) Click Next.

    8.) Click Finish.
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