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How to configure FrontPage server extension on Windows 2003 server


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  • How to configure FrontPage server extension on Windows 2003 server

    Hello All,

    First, one has to install the FrontPage server extension on windows server 2003.

    Once, the FrontPage server extension has been installed one need to configure it from the server. To configure it please follow below mentioned steps:

    1) Open Microsoft SharePoint Administrators from Administrative Tools.
    2) On the administration site, click "Set list of available rights".
    3) One has all presented list of available rights. To keep the default "Select all" option to give you maximum control.
    4) Go to the main website page and click "Set installation defaults". This will allow one to set things like the default SMTP server for any FP Virtual Server(s) on this server machine.
    5) Set defaults like mail server and from/reply-to addresses. One may also want to "Allow authors to upload executables" because some types of CSS content fails without it. When entering the mail server, be sure that one has relay rights.

    To extend a server, one needs to load the "Extend virtual server with FrontPage Server Extensions 2002" webpage.

    1) Open IIS Manager.
    2) Expand local computer name -> Websites -> All Tasks -> Configure server extensions 2000.
    3) One will now be on the page. Click the "Submit" button after optionally specifying an alternate Administrator for the site. On the main site, one will see the FPSE version listed next to the site, which indicates that everything is successful and the site has been extended.


    Shane G.
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