%temp% folder is getting deleted for no reason


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  • SheldonJawline
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2019
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    %temp% folder is getting deleted for no reason

    This has been happening for around a month on a couple computers I own. Basically, the current user's Temp folder (%temp%) will be randomly deleted, without warning, and at a completely random time.

    This causes various programs that rely off of the %temp% directory to break (7Zip being a great example) as they cannot create any temporary files. I have to manually go back in, and recreate "C:\Users(user)\AppData\Local\Temp" to get these programs working again. The system also does not recreate it once it has been magically removed.

    My main PC runs Windows 10 Enterprise version 17763.529. I do not have any antivirus installed, nor do I have any 3rd-party cleaner apps installed. Storage Sense is also turned off in the Settings app.

    Could someone please help me in solving this issue?