Hello All,

In order to setup web admin email account for a particular domain from MailEnable interface one needs to perform below mentioned steps:

1) Login into MailEnable server.
2) Open MailEnable Professional Admin.
3) Go to MailEnable -> MailEnable Management -> Messaging Center -> Post Offices.
4) Go to the domain for which one needs to setup web admin account.
5) Right Click on that domain name.
6) Click on properties.
7) Go to Web Admin Tag.
8) select the check box against Enable web administrator for post office.
9) Click on apply and ok.
10) Double click on domain.
11) Go to Mailboxes.
12) Right click on email account for which one needs to setup web admin.
13) Click on properties.
14) Go to general Tab.
15) Select a Mailbox type from user to Admin.
16) Click on apply and ok.


Shane G.