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What is the Architecture of Nginx?


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  • What is the Architecture of Nginx?

    Hello everyone please let me know the Architecture of Nginx.
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    NGINX is an open-source web server software renowned for its expertise in reverse proxying, load balancing, and caching. It offers robust HTTPS server functionality and is primarily crafted to deliver peak performance and unwavering stability. Additionally, it serves as a proxy server for email communication protocols, including IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

    Nginx uses a Master-Worker architecture. In this setup, there's a master that directs requests to one of its workers, effectively sharing the server's workload. It also checks if there's a quicker response in the Proxy cache. If not, it retrieves the webpage from memory. Visualizing this with an image can provide a clearer understanding of how it all fits together.

    NGINX uses a master-slave architecture to allocate jobs to workers based on client requests. The master doesn't wait for worker responses but continues processing requests and sends worker responses to clients when they arrive.

    WORKERS: In NGINX's setup, workers act like assistants to the master. Each worker can manage over 1000 requests at once, but they do one at a time. After they finish a task, they report back to the master. This way of working saves computer memory because all of them use the same memory space, like sharing a big table, rather than having their own small tables, as in a multi-threaded setup.

    Cache: Nginx cache speeds up page loading by retrieving it from cache memory rather than the server. Pages are stored in cache memory when they're first requested.

    • Simple Installation and Easy Maintenance
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Minimized User Waiting Times
    • Load Balancing
    • Seamless On-the-Fly Upgrades
    • HTTP Server Capabilities
    • Engineered for Peak Performance and Reliability
    • Proxy Server Functions