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How to Install suPHP with mod-suPHP by Utilizing EasyApache 4


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  • How to Install suPHP with mod-suPHP by Utilizing EasyApache 4


    I want to install suPHP with mod-suphp through EasyApache 4. Can anyone assist me with how to install suPHP using EasyApache??

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    Hello Christian J,

    The two main advantages of suPHP are Improved security and Simple privileges. However, using EasyApache4, you may install suPHP and mod suPHP.

    You can follow the below steps to install suPHP with mod-suPHP by Utilizing EasyApache 4,
    • Firstly, log in to your WHM account.
    • Now, locate the sub-option EasyApache4 under the Software category and click on it.
    • Then, click the Customize button after the title Currently Installed Packages.
    • Next, the toggle switch adjacent to mod_mpm_prefork must be clicked.
    • Now, If the mod_mpm_prefork option is already selected, a green icon with the word Installed will appear.
    Note: There is no necessity to press the toggle button to enable it if it's already installed.
    • Then, If you receive a warning message, review the conflicts and then select the Yes button to continue.
    • Next, click the Next button to continue.
    • Then, enter mod_suphp in the search box under the Apache Modules section and then click on the toggle button Next to it.
    • Now, select the desired versions and again click on the Next button.
    It will check your selected packages to ensure there aren't any conflicts.
    • Then, click the Provision button at the bottom to save your choices and provide the package as you've specified.
    • Lastly, click the Done button to close EasyApache4 after completing the provision process.

    Thus, I hope the above ways help you to install suPHP with mod-suPHP by utilizing EasyApache 4. However, If you face any issues, you can update it here.

    Rex Maughan