Hello All,

In order to access other system from another system one need to execute login command from the command prompt. Below mentioned is syntax, options and example for the same:

login [-p] [-d device] [-h hostname | terminal | -r hostname] [name[environ]]

-p: Used to pass environment variables to the login shell.

-d device: login accepts a device option, device. Device is taken to be the path name of the TTY port login is to operate on. The use of the device option can be expected to improve login performance, since login will not need to call ttyname. The
-d option is available only to users whose UID and effective UID are root. Any other attempt to use -d will cause login to quietly exit.

-h hostname | terminal: Used by in.telnetd to pass information about the remote host and terminal type.

-r hostname: Used by in.rlogind to pass information about the remote host.

Login accuwebhosting.com It will attempt to login into accuwebhosting.com domain.


Shane G.