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No DNS server but it seems like I need one.


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  • No DNS server but it seems like I need one.

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to install a Let's encrypt-certificate for a domain. DNS-/TLS-support is enabled. I chose one of the domains, DNS/TLS, clicked on Renew certificate, and chose the Let's encrypt certificate.

    Now plesk panel is asking me to add a DNS entry. The problem is that I use a plesk installation without a DNS server.

    I don't have a idea what an SSL certificate or DNS means. So I made this website for a friend. It's small, has handwritten code, and is not responsive … but it's been working, and my friend likes it. But here, I don't get any further.

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    Hello Zayn,

    It seems like you are having an issue while installing the SSL certificate, and you are asked to add DNS. And this time, you chose the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

    Like you said, you don’t have any idea about SSL and DNS.

    SSL refers to Secure Sockets Layer, which is a security protocol that is responsible to make the website secure and safe to interact with by making purchases or providing your personal information etc. You will usually find the "padlock" icon or "https," where "S" represents security.

    DNS means Domain Name System human readable Domain name into an IP address to deliver the desired web data. In short, DNS is meant to translate the domain name into an IP address and check on which server IP address is pinging to that particular domain.

    Now you should install the DNS server in Plesk.
    - Login to the Plesk panel from the root/administrator user
    - Go to Tool Setting
    - Check for the option "Updates"
    - Open add/remove component

    From here, you can install the DNS server

    Now, For the SSL certificate installation, Your Local DNS service should be stopped, and if it is, the TXT record will not be generated automatically.

    Let me guide you through some steps.
    - According to me first, you need to start the DNS service by going to tools and settings, then Service Management.
    - Now, Click on Domains. Then, and then go into Let’s Encrypt certificates.
    - Apply for Renew Certificate.
    - Now, you need to verify if the TXT record resolves or not externally. This can be done via ssh with the command dig TXT +short:
    - If it is not resolved, add the record to the external DNS server and also remove the existing records from there.
    - Now, coming back to Plesk, press reload button.

    You can try it. Hope you will find this one helpful.



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