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  • session cookie is invalid

    Hello everyone, please let me know How do I fix 'your session cookie is invalid please log in again' in Cpanel?

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    If you're encountering the error message "Your session cookie is invalid. Please log in again" in cPanel, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix the issue:

    Check Server Time: Ensure that the server time is correctly set. An incorrect server time might lead to invalid session cookies. Consult your hosting provider if you don't have access to change the server time.

    Verify Session Directory Permissions: Check if the permissions for the session directory on the server are correctly set. The directory should typically have 0700 permissions (read, write, and execute for the user only).

    Update cPanel: Make sure you're running the latest version of cPanel. Outdated software can sometimes cause session cookie errors. If an update is available, apply it and see if the issue is resolved.

    1. Log in to your cPanel account.
    2. Locate the "Software" or "cPanel/Server Configuration" section.
    3. Look for an option to check for updates.
    4. If an update is available, apply it.
    5. Wait for the update process to complete.
    6. Restart your browser.
    7. Try logging in again and check if the session cookie error is resolved.

    Contact Support: If none of the above steps work, reach out to your hosting provider's support team. They can check server logs and assist you in resolving the issue.