Need to Fix the error “cPanel not working”?


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  • Danny_Goodwin
    Hello Delaney,

    I believe that there might be some reasons why you face the issue that cPanel is not working. the major reasons why this happens are:

    Pointing on wrong IP Address - In the majority of cases when users point their domain to the wrong IP address then cPanel might stop working. So ensure that your domain name should point to the correct IP address to avoid inconvenience. But still, in this case, you can log in to your cPanel using a direct link that is provided by your service provider.

    Wrong or Invalid Login credentials - Maybe while login you might have been doing some mistakes. so make sure you log in with a valid username and password.

    Hosting suspension - the considerable reason behind the suspension of hosting is when your hosting provider has blocked your website because of the expiration of the ongoing plan or may be due to some other issues. So you better contact to your service provider to consult about the hosting status.

    High load - I think that sometimes your server might not be able to handle a high load which may result in your cPanel not working. So you need to take keep a watch on the server load.

    I hope you will find helpful this one.

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  • Need to Fix the error “cPanel not working”?

    Hello all,

    I don't know, why? but my cPanel is not working. So Is there anybody to help me with this, I Need some suggestions for that. what should I do?

    Thanks in advance!
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