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  • CPanel As Application Server

    Hello everyone,,
    This is part rant, part cry for help.

    I am in the process of configuring a highly secure environment where our production sites are isolated and firewalled off from the outside world, with an Nginx reverse proxy living on the edge, forwarding all requests to the appropriate back-end application servers.

    IIS has no problems living in this environment, the servers have been happy as larry and are not giving an ounce of trouble.

    Trying to deploy a CPanel server on the other hand has been an absolute nightmare. It just does NOT want to run inside the walled garden. I don't want it to handle SSL beyond using self-signed certificates. I don't want it to complain about the site's DNS record not matching the IP that Apache is serving the site on, I just want it to serve the site. I want it to run without a public internet IP address directly on the box. I want all the CPanel management tools to work only on our internal IP addresses, but i want Webmail to be publicly accessible.

    All services I want to publicly expose I want to be able to reverse proxy.

    Is there a guide or documentation for this because I can't find it!
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