Images do not show up on some web pages in cPanel hosting


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  • Marc_AccuWebHosting
    • Jun 2015
    • 56

    Images do not show up on some web pages in cPanel hosting

    Problem Statement

    Images do not show on website pages except Home page on Linux environment

    Error Message

    One of our customer faced the problem wherein Images do not show up on some of his web pages. Upon further investigation, we have concluded that some of the image URLs were not added in Hotlink protection feature of cPanel.

    Hotlink is a cPanel functionality that prevents other websites from directly linking images on your website.

    For Example: When someone has linked an image on your website, everytime someone browse your website, your bandwidth will be used. You can prevent bandwidth stealing by enabling the HotLink Protection from cPanel.
    To enable / disable hot link protection, please do the following:


    1. Open cPanel and find Hotlink Protection.
    2. You will have to put domain you would like to protect under "URLs to allow access" section.
    3. Enter the extensions you would like to block under box "Block direct access for these extensions".
    4. Check the box for "Allow direct requests" and skip the "Redirect request to this URL" box and hit Submit.
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