How to reduce the number of inodes my account uses?


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  • ryan
    • Jun 2008
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    How to reduce the number of inodes my account uses?

    The number of inodes represents the number of files/folders you have on your Linux web hosting account. The more inodes your account uses, the more system resources it consumes.

    Thus it is wise to keep the number of your inodes(files/folders) as small as possible.

    To reduce the number of inodes your account uses, you should remove all files/folders which don't need.

    Check the number of cache files you have; applications such as Joomla can generate a lot of cache files; you should regularly check your cache folder and reduce the number of cached files you keep;

    if you have Default Address (catch-all) enabled, make sure you check the mailbox regularly and delete all mails you don't need;

    Check your cPanel's main email account regularly; the mails for it are kept in:


    where username is your cPanel username. You can manually delete the messages in these folders using cPanel's File Manager or any favorite FTP client;

    You should also check your email accounts regularly and delete any spam messages from them;if you have email accounts you don't need or use, it would be best to remove them;
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