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How To Upgrade PHPBB Version?


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    Re: How To Upgrade PHPBB Version?

    How do you update phpBB3 to the latest version?
    It's very important to stay up to date. Not only do you get bugs fixed, but most importantly you get any necessary security fixes. Even though phpBB3 has had a proper paid security audit performed during the development, there are still possibilities that security breaches can be found and exploited. These are always fixed as quickly as possible and an update released. Furthermore, strictly speaking, we can only support the current version. This article explains the various options open to you for updating your board.

    It should be noted that your users, posts, PMs etc will all be safe. They are in the database and you are primarily updating the files.

    You should also back up your files and database before you begin. Download the forum folder to your computer and use the backup function in the administration control panel>maintenance tab to get the database.

    I have a beta development version. Can I update it?
    When the beta versions were released it was made quite clear that they should not be used on live boards and that they may not be able to be updated to the later RC (Release Candidate) or full release versions. This turned out to be so. Even if you could update it, there would be no support for your board either. You should cut your losses and start a brand new installation with the current version and start afresh.
    Read in detail click this link:

    If you want to see tutorial click this link:

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  • Shane
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    started a topic How To Upgrade PHPBB Version?

    How To Upgrade PHPBB Version?

    Hello All,

    In order to upgrade PHPBB version one need to perform below mentioned steps:

    1) Download newest version of PHPBB. [2 zip files will be there…new_version file and old_to_new version file]
    2) Disable board from admin panel.
    3) Take backup of database.
    4) Extract downloaded new_version zip file. Put cache, contrib, docs, install folder into separate folder.
    5) Extract another old_to_new version zip file.and put cache, docs, contrib, install folder into the same folder in which we have put the new_version folders. It must be overwrite so any missing file will be replaced.
    6) Copy the files on the server.
    7) install update via web browser. [/install/update_to_latest.php].
    8) delete /install and /contrib folders from the server.
    9) enable board from admin panel.

    That’s it!


    Shane G.