How To Connect FTP server using GoLive Upload?


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  • Shane
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2006
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    How To Connect FTP server using GoLive Upload?

    Hello All,

    In order to connect FTP server using GoLive Upload one need to perform below mentioned steps to configure it:

    1. Open GoLive Upload program.
    2. Go to the File menu and select FTP Upload/Download.
    2. The FTP Upload & Download window will open. One need to apply below mentioned details:
    • Server: This is, where is actual domain name.
    • Directory: This is the initial directory that should be opened by the FTP program.
    • User Name: This is the user ID provided by hosting provider.
    • Password: FTP User password provided by hosting provider.

    4. Click the Connect button.
    5. The FTP Upload and Download window is currently overlapping web site files window. To upload files to server, it is necessary for both windows to be visible. One can make this happen by minimizing each window.
    6. Drag your selection from the Files window to the FTP window.

    That’s it!


    Shane G.