How To Connect FTP server using Fetch Upload?


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  • Shane
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    • Jun 2006
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    How To Connect FTP server using Fetch Upload?

    Hello All,

    In order to connect FTP server using Fetch Upload one need to perform below mentioned steps to configure it:

    1. Open your Fetch program.
    2. Click on File and select New Connection. In the New Connection window, you will need to fill out the following fields:
    • Host: This is, where is actual domain name. or IP address.
    • User ID: This is the User ID provided hosting provider.
    • Password: Password for FTP user ID
    • Directory: Leave this field blank.

    3. Click on OK.
    4. Click on the Put File button.
    5. Select the file (s) you want to upload and click on Open.
    6. Make sure your file name does not have an extra extension after html such .txt or .bin
    7. Click OK.

    That’s it!


    Shane G.