Hello All,

In order to connect FTP server with CuteFTP Upload Component one need to perform below mentioned steps to configure it:

1. Open CuteFTP Program.
2. Click On File -> Site Manager.
3. Click on New to define new site. Enter a site name.
4. One needs to enter information for the following fields:
  • Site Label: This is the name that like associated with ftp connection.
  • Host Address: This is ftp.yourdomain.com, where ftp.yourdomain.com is your actual domain name or server's IP address.
  • User ID: This is the FTP user ID provided by hosting provider.
  • Password: This is the password provider by hosting provider for FTP user ID. 5. Right click on site name & select properties. Finally, make sure the Host Type is Auto-Detect.

6. Click Connect to connect your ftp site.
7. Click OK button.
8. The box on the left consists of the files on your local computer; the box on the right contains the files on hosting server. To upload files from your local computer to the hosting server, change to the correct directory on the left, and drag and drop files from the left onto the right. To download, just do the opposite - drag and drop from right to left.

That’s it!


Shane G.