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  • HOW TO: Install PHPBB / PHPBB2

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    How To Install PHPBB2 / PHPBB?</span>

    I have noticed that we receive many requests from our clients requesting for the steps to install PHPBB2 / PHPBB forum, so thought of posting the step by step guide to install PHPBB2 / PHPBB forum.

    Well, here we goÂ… Before I proceed I am assuming that the web server has PHP and MySQL support.

    Installation in Windows/Linux server (Manual Installation):

    1. Download the PHPBB2 / PHPBB zip file from the PHPBB2 / PHPBB site in your local system and extract it.
    2. Now, if you want the forum in the root directory then place the contents from the extracted folder directly to the root directory of the domain. If you want it in a sub-directory then create the directory in your domain and place the extracted contents in the created folder.
    3. Create a MySQL database and a database user.
    4. Browse the URL (if phpbb2 contents are in root directory) or
    5. Provide the requested details.
    5.1. Preferred Language for the board.
    5.2. Select the MySQL database type from the drop down list. Generally it is ‘MySQL 4.x/5.x’.
    5.3. Database Server Hostname can either be localhost or your MySQL server IP address.
    5.4. Provide Database username and password.
    5.5. Do not change the prefix for tables of the database, unless until you have any specific need.
    5.6. Provide Admin email address.
    5.7. Provide your domain name.
    5.8. Do not change the port.
    5.9. Do not change the script path if you are in the same folder.
    5.10 Provide admin username and password, which would be later used to access the admin area of the forum.

    6. Click on ‘Start Install’.
    7. Now, click on ‘Finish Installation’.
    8. Once the installation is done, make sure you remove the ‘install’ and ‘contrib’ directories.

    <span style="color:#666666">Installation in Linux server (using Fantastico):


    1. Login your cPanel using the appropriate username and password.
    2. Click on Fantastico.
    (Here, depending on the themes, you will have to sort out the way to reach to the Fantastico icon.)
    3. Click on ‘PHPBB2’ under the ‘Discussion Boards’ section. You would see a screen similar to as below:

    4. Click on ‘New Installation’. You would be asked for some information, which Fantastico would require to install it for you.
    5. Provide the install domain name, by default that would remain your domain name (this is incase, you have addon domain names).

    6. Provide the install directory. Leave it blank, if you want the forum to be installed in the root directory itself, in this case, you will have the forum at the URL If you want to install in a particular folder/directory then mention the folder name (no forward or backward slashes allowed) as well as make sure that it is a non-existing folder, as it will be automatically created.

    7. Provide the admin username and password that you would like to create for the forum. These username and password would help you enter the admin area of the forum.

    8. Now, provide the base information which can be changed in the later stages. The information includes site name, a short description of the forum, Email signature (which would be attached in all the emails sent from forum), admin email address for the forum and lastly the preferred language.

    9. Now, click on ‘Install PHPBB2’. Now it would create a MySQL database and database user.
    10. Click on ‘Finish Installation’ and you are done with it&#33;&#33;&#33;

    See ya soon with more How toÂ’s&#33;

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