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What does forward with masking mean?


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  • What does forward with masking mean?

    Is there any difference between domain forwarding and masking?

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    Domain Forwarding is similar to redirecting a website. But here, the domain name itself redirects the user.

    When a domain is forwarded, the URL of the new page is displayed in the address bar of the browser instead of the domain name.

    When you want to display the domain name that the user has typed in the browser and not the domain name where you have redirected them, then you need to use domain forwarding with masking.

    In domain masking, the visitors are redirected to some different website from wherever they are on the website without even realizing it.

    There are two ways for domain forwarding:

    301 redirects permanently and

    302 redirects temporarily

    The 301 redirects permanently using “301 Moved Permanently” HTTP redirects website visitors, inclusive of search engines, to a new domain or website that has been moved permanently. However, you can remove 301 redirects at any time.

    The 302 redirect sends HTTP redirects with a status code "302 Found" to website visitors, directing them to a temporary page while the website is being built or maintained.

    Difference between domain forwarding and masking
    • Domain forwarding involves redirecting users to a new domain or website without providing any indication as to why they are being redirected. On the other hand, domain masking refers to the practice of hiding the URL of the new site, besides preventing users from viewing the exact address of the site they are visiting.
    • Permanent Domain forwarding returns around 90% of the traffic from the previous site, whereas Domain masking can increase the site’s bounce rate.
    • While domain forwarding may not affect a site’s ranking and SEO, domain masking affects SEO badly.
    • When the website is under maintenance or moved permanently, URL redirects are suitable for user experience as they help users from getting lost. Domain masking could lead to duplicate content and URLs, which is horrible for the user experience.