Can I purchase more than one Domain for a single website?


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  • Christian J
    • Sep 2022
    • 82

    Can I purchase more than one Domain for a single website?


    Do you think purchasing too many domain names for a single website is a good idea? We can set up domain forwarding to the primary domain name. It can help you deal with future competitors, but it's expensive too.

    I have two domains for a single website, and I have been thinking of obtaining rid of the secondary domain name(ending with .com) & renewing only the .net domain name. However, I can't make the decision just yet. So, what do you guys think?

  • Ryaan J.
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2022
    • 100

    Hello Christian,

    Multiple domains can confuse search engines and dilute your web authority. This ranking factor sends a clear message to Google about what you do and how much higher quality content you produce. You don't get as powerful of a search result in Google, Bing, or other search engines if you have more than one domain, which diminishes your value to them. Plus, customers don't know which domain name they should enter to find your website; it's not intuitive either. Domain names should be singular, unequivocal, .com-centric, and unchanging for SEO purposes. Consider the benefits of using multiple domains! If multiple domains benefit you, then purchase them for SEO purposes.



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