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What is the DNS zone and what is the use of it?


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  • What is the DNS zone and what is the use of it?

    What is the DNS zone, How does it work in web hosting, and what are the type of records in the DNS zone.

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    DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, which refers to a particular portion of an administrative space within a global DNS, Here, the DNS zone represents the boundary of jurisdiction to the management by certain authorities.

    Now, let me elaborate on that how does it work, when the user puts the domain name in the address bar, that will lead the user to a site which they want to visit, I know you must be wondering how swift it is, but this whole process consists of various steps DNS resolution Process or the DNS lookup,

    Suppose you want yourself to be taken to the AccuWeb website, So, Obviously, you type the domain name and now press enter. keep in mind that you are submitting the DNS request.

    Now, your computer will check whether the DNS entry of the domain name is stored locally, which means that the domain name should match the IP address. here, the IP address should be pointing to the domain name.

    There are several types of DNS records, but some of them are pretty much important to have a look at, such as,

    A Record
    AAAA Record
    CNAME Record
    MX Record
    TXT Record
    NS Record
    SOA Record
    PTR Record
    SPF Record
    DKIM Record
    DMARC Record