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How to disable Mod-Security in DirectAdmin?


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    Rex Maughan

  • Rex Maughan
    Hello wisly.k,

    ModSecurity or Modsec is a vital security software application required for server security. It is a web application that enables a firewall for your server. DirectAdmin's new ModSecurity feature enables users to skip some ModSecurity Rules and fully disable ModSecurity whenever required.

    However, to make some functions work precisely for the admin, we may need to disable them temporarily. Therefore, below given are the steps to disable ModSecurity from the server via the DirectAdmin panel.
    • Firstly, log in to your DirectAdmin dashboard.
    • Then, scroll to the Advanced Features section and click on the ModSecurity logo.
    You will see the ModSecurity dashboard, where you can manage the status and view the Log.
    • Now open the Status & Disabled Rules tab.
    • Then, select the On or Off checkbox for SecRuleEngine to disable the ModSecurity tool.
    • Lastly, click the SAVE button.
    • Thus, it will generate a message displaying ModSecurity Rules Saved.

    Disabling ModSecurity Rule ID via DirectAdmin:
    • Firstly, enter the Rule ID in the ID field of the Disabled Rules section.
    • Then, click the DISABLE RULE button.
    A success message will arise at the bottom: 'Skipped rule added,' and the system will add the Rule ID in the list beneath the ModSecurity Disabled Rules section.
    • Now, select the textbox next to the Rule ID and click the Delete option to re-enable the disabled ModSecurity rule.
    • Finally, at the bottom of the screen, the system will flash a message "Selected skipped rules removed."
    • Also, the Rule ID will be removed from the list of ModSecurity Disabled Rules section.

    I hope the information above helps you to disable the ModSecurity rule from the DirectAdmin panel.

    Rex Maughan

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  • wisly.k
    started a topic How to disable Mod-Security in DirectAdmin?

    How to disable Mod-Security in DirectAdmin?

    My website code is required to disable ModSecurity in the DirectAdmin control panel to make functions work properly. How can I disable ModSecurity in Directadmin?

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