How to enable/disable the Hotlink Protection in cPanel?


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  • Allen Accu
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2015
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    How to enable/disable the Hotlink Protection in cPanel?

    You can enable/disable the Hotlink Protection from the cPanel account.

    Hotlink Protection prevents other websites from directly linking to the files and pictures on your website.
    You can enable / disable the Hotlink Protection by following the steps:
    1. Login to cPanel and click HotLink Protection.
    2. Make sure the domain name you wish to protect is in the box called "URLs to allow access".
    3. In the box called "Block direct access for these extensions", provide the extensions for which you would like to block.
    4. We suggest you check the box for "Allow direct requests".
    5. Skip the "Redirect request to this URL" box and hit Submit.
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  • alkaniak
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2020
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    It is very simple to follow these steps for enable and disable the Hotlink protection in cPanel.
    1. Login to your Account's cPanel.
    2. Go to the Security Section.
    3. Now choose the Hotlink protection interface.
    4. Click on the "Enable" key to activate protection and the"Disable" key disable the same.



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