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  • General Reseller Questions

    Hey JRS,

    Thank you for your interest in hosting your accounts with

    Can you provide me the bounced email, so I can trace the exact issue with the mail server.

    Here is the reply of your questions:

    1. Are the bandwidth limits yearly or monthly?
    >>>> Bandwidth resets every month. If we are offering 30 GB, it is on a month by month basis.

    2. Am I allowed to go over my limit or do you shut off my service and put up a
    "bandwidth exceeded" page?
    >>>> We send you a notification when you reach 80% of your bandwidth limit. Once you cross 100% limit your account is closed. Please note that we allow option of additional bandwidth on month by month basis.

    3. How much are overage charges?
    >>>> For resellers, we charge $2/GB Overusage per month.

    4. Is there an easy way to monitor usage/limits so I can upgrade if necessary?
    >>>> Yes, we offer Web Host Manager Control Panel to monitor your individual account limits and your reseller account limits.

    5. Is there an easy to use interface for management of clients?
    >>>> Yes, it is pretty easy to manage your reseller accounts with the cpanel/whm. You can find a demo of rvskin, cpanel, whm at

    6. Is there a cost to upgrade an account other than the increased monthly fees?
    >>>> No. There is no other cost to upgrade your account apart from additional monthly fees.

    7. Do I get to see each domain bandwidth usage in my stats?
    >>>> Yes, you will get individual domain bandwidth monitory in your stats.

    8. Do you have any kind of plan that allows me to resell both Linux and Windows hosting services without having to buy 2 starter packages? (Most of my clients could fit under a basic linux box, but I may have one or 2 clients that may benefit from a Windows-based server.)

    >>>> Presently, we don't offer a reseller plan that is common for windows or linux box. To resell linux box, you will have to purchase reseller linux plan, and to resell windows box, you will have to purchase a windows reseller plan.

    Please, don't forget to send me the bounced email that you received from [email protected]
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