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What is CageFS? What are the key features or benefits of using CageFS?


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  • What is CageFS? What are the key features or benefits of using CageFS?

    I want to ensure my reseller account's security and create environments that keep users' data secure. I just came across CageFS.

    Can anyone share more information about CageFS, its features, and its benefits?

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    CageFS is a virtualized file system designed to enhance the security and isolation of shared hosting environments, making it an excellent choice for reseller accounts. Here's more information about CageFS, its features, and its benefits.

    User Isolation:

    CageFS creates a virtualized environment for each user, isolating their files, processes, and system resources. This ensures that users are confined to their own allocated resources and prevents them from accessing or modifying files belonging to other users. User isolation helps protect user data and prevents one user from affecting the stability and security of others.

    Secure Environment:

    By isolating users, CageFS adds an extra layer of security. It prevents users from viewing or modifying critical system files, directories, or configuration files, reducing the risk of privilege escalation and unauthorized access. Even if one user's account is compromised, it limits the potential impact on other users' accounts.

    Resource Limitation:

    CageFS allows you to set resource limits for each user, such as CPU usage, memory, and disk space. This ensures fair resource allocation and prevents a single user from monopolizing server resources, which could lead to degraded performance for other users. Resource limitation helps maintain a stable and efficient hosting environment.

    Secure PHP Execution:

    CageFS includes a "cage wrapper" feature that restricts PHP scripts users execute. It prevents PHP scripts from accessing files outside the user's assigned directory, minimizing the risk of unauthorized file access or data breaches through PHP vulnerabilities.

    Library and Binary Separation:

    CageFS separates libraries and binaries for each user, providing a clean and isolated environment. This separation ensures that users only access the system libraries and binaries required for their applications, reducing the potential for conflicts or vulnerabilities caused by shared resources.

    By implementing CageFS in your reseller account, you can enhance the security and isolation of your users' data, improve overall system stability, and ensure fair resource allocation. It provides additional protection against potential security breaches and helps create a secure and reliable hosting environment for your clients.