1. Login to your WHM account as root.

2. Click on Reseller Center on the left hand side.

3. Click on "Edit reseller Nameservers and Prvileges"

4. Under Edit Reseller Privileges/Nameservers, select the reseller account for which we want to set private name servers.

5. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page until you see 4 entry boxes and it reads: Primary Nameserver:

6. In the Primary Nameserver field insert ns1.clientdomain.com

7. Click "Assign IP Address"

8. Click "Add an A Entry for this nameserver"

9. In the Secondary Nameserver field enter: ns2.clientdomain.com
Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the Secondary Nameserver.

10. Click Save

11. Write down your resellers IPs and what name servers they belong to, on WHM click on Manage Nameserver IPs to view all name servers running.

Register the name servers, have your reseller login to your domain management page for the domain you registered and register ns1.newdomain.com and ns2.newdomain.com as nameservers (registries normally have a special facility for doing that). The registry may also have a facility to propogate these nameservers around the foreign registries - if so, you should use this facility.

These registrations may take a few days to propagate (often as many as 2 days).

Your resellers can now have their clients enter ns1.clientdomain.com and ns2.clientdomain.com helping your reseller look more professional and keeping them anonymous from you.