Problem Statement

The service 'tailwatchd' appears to be down

Error Message

Cpanel::TailWatch::Eximstats appears to have unprocessed SQL in /var/cpanel/sql/eximstats.sql.

When mysql is unable to execute a query they are logged for processing later.
Eventually these SQL files may be handled automatically and this message will not appear.


Tailwatchd processes logs from cPanel. Earlier, three daemons were used to gather information from mail and bandwidth logs. By introducing tailwatchd, those daemons got deprecated.

Following is the solution but it is applicable for cPanel server only:

1. Run this command by SSH /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/tailwatchd --status
(This will give status of tailwatch)

2. Run following command
mv /var/cpanel/sql/eximstats.sql /var/cpanel/sql/eximstats.sql.tmp_working_copy
mysql eximstats < /var/cpanel/sql/eximstats.sql.tmp_working_copy

3. /var/cpanel/sql/eximstats.sql.tmp_working_copy --Remove this file once service is running Ok.