None of the user can send Email or cannot make FTP Connection


Ports for SMTP(25) and FTP(21) does not open in firewall.


Opened up SMTP(25) port and FTP(21) port in firewall. Hence EMail send/receive and FTP connection started working.

1.With your Windows 2012 Server, go to Contorl Panel.
2.Click on Windows Firewall,in opened up screen, on right side you would find Advanced settings, click on it
3.On Windows Firewall with Advanced Security screen,click on Inbound Rules.On right side you will find New Rule...Click on it.
4.Choose Port and click on Next
5.Choose TCP, and Specific Local Ports(Enter 21 for FTP/Enter 25 for Mail) and click Next.
6.Choose Allow the connection and click on Next.
7.Keep tick mark against Domain, Private and Public and click on Next
8.Enter FTP or Mail in Name field for which you are configuring to open port in firewall and click on finish

Park B.