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What is Error 522?


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  • Annie_P

    Hello Clay Page,

    Error 522 is an error that occurs when the connection between the server and the client is interrupted. The Error 522 message is one of the HTTP status messages: while the initial '5' denotes a server error, the following '2' signifies that the server error has occurred in connecting with Cloudflare.

    The Error code 522, also called the 'Connection timed out' error. It appears when the connection to the server times out or when the TCP connection between the web server and Cloudflare screws up.

    You must follow the below steps to get rid of code 522 Connection Timed Out Error:

    The firewall is blocking the request:

    Depending on your web browser's firewall settings, you might encounter code 522 Error. Sometimes IP addresses are accidentally or randomly blocked. As a result, connections cannot be established. You can add a rule in your firewall configurations to avoid such errors.

    Overloading the original server:

    If too many requests are to be processed at the same time sometimes results in an overload and a timeout when building TCP. So if you're using a shared hosting plan, the issue might be that some other page on the same hosting has suddenly experienced a massive traffic surge. If happening multiple times, you will have to talk to your web host to upgrade the service.

    Clear your Internet Browsing Cache & Cookies:
    • Go to your Browser
    • Navigate to the Settings tab
    • Now, Go to the "Clear Browsing Data" option
    • Select the 'Cookies' and 'Cache' options
    • Tick all other options provided below to delete
    • Now, click on the drop-down menu
    • Then, select 'from the beginning' option
    • Click on the "Clear Browsing Data" button
    • Lastly, close the tab

    Here are a few additional steps to fix Error 522,

    Deactivate New Plugins:

    Sometimes the Cloudflare Error 522 can also be due to a new plugin you've installed on the website. Thus, to fix the issue, you will have to deactivate the plugin and try again.

    Install a Cache Plugin:

    Cache plugins are excellent, as they work to store data for visitors that come to a page often. As a result, it helps reduce the server's number of queries and can prevent a Cloudflare error. In addition, it will improve load times much faster.

    Image Optimization:

    You must ensure that all the images on your website are well-optimized, making it easy for the system to load the website. Error 522 occurs when the system takes too long to load, creating a communication problem with Cloudflare.

    I hope the above fixes help you to resolve the 522 Connection Timed Out Error.


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  • Clay Page
    started a topic What is Error 522?

    What is Error 522?

    What is Error 522, and How can I fix it?

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