Twitter Finally Released an Official WordPress Plug-in

Twitter Official WordPress Plugin

At last, there is a good news for all WordPress developers!!! After completing as many as 9 years of tough time working with hundreds of unofficial Twitter plugins, Twitter has finally released an official Twitter plugin for WordPress. According to the reports, this new Twitter plug-in will add a lot of Twitter functionalities to your website.

Given below is a complete list of all the features of Twitter plug-in:

  • It allows you to add one-click sharing button, so that visitors can tweet on your content.
  • It enables you to embed tweet easily than before and customize the color scheme of embedded tweets to match with your website layout.
  • It enables to change the link color, border color, and pick from a ‘light’ or ‘dark’ look.
  • It can create Twitter Cards, when you share posts on Twitter.
  • It helps you to add ‘Follow’ button to your layout.
  • It can also track ad conversions, if you are running a Twitter Ad campaign for your WordPress blog.
  • The main limitation of this plugin is that it does not allow to embed     Twitter feeds into your WordPress layout. It allows individual tweets, but there is no where any mention about feed embedding.

In case, if you are using any third-party Twitter plug-in or custom-built plug-in since years, you may not find the above mentioned list of features exciting in terms of new features.

However, this plugin provides you with all the basic features bundled within easy-to-deploy package. Moreover, you can also expect more updates to be released. Thus, now you do not need to hunt through the forest of unofficial plugins anymore.

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