Are you Paying too much for Web Hosting: Tips to reduce your budget

Are you Paying too much for Web Hosting: Tips to reduce your budget

Web hosting isn’t a thing about which everybody knows well. Web hosting is one of the greatest factors behind your website’s success or failure, and that’s the reason choosing the right one is such a huge decision.

The right web hosting can make you thousands of bucks every month, and if you switch to non-reliable hosting, it can destroy your earnings and website’s user-base.

Believe it or not, around 3/4th of the total website owners end up paying too much for web hosting, and even the bitter fact is that they have to keep paying this amount every month of renewal.

It’s totally possible that you are paying $30 for any web hosting plan with given features, and you get something almost the same for $7 from some other hosts and enjoy the same features.

You really need to be sharp, and we’re here to help you in understanding the factors which directly save your bucks. Believe us; you can reduce your hosting budget to an unbelievable level.

So, shall we begin our “big savior” guide?

Best Tips for Saving Your Web Hosting Budget

Best Tips for Saving Your Web Hosting Budget

Now, there are several ways for that, and we’re listing 9 of those, which save you the most money.

Buy Domain & hosting from the same provider

There are several hosting providers which provide you the facility of domain registration as well. Now, while buying a domain, we consider the price very keenly, but on the other hand, we lose big bucks on buying web hosting.

Now, suppose you’re paying 2 dollars extra on domain registration but getting web hosting from the same provider at a comfortable rate, then just go for it. If you buy both the things for just one provider, there are chances that you get a discount on that.

Also, some companies don’t charge anything for the Domain for the first year if you buy their hosting service.

However, keep in mind that the domain renewal price shouldn’t be anyway high. The same, we’d say for the web hosting plan as well.

Yes, there are some such highly reliable hosting companies out there where you can buy the combo. We’d recommend Accuweb Hosting.

It’s possible to find a domain a dollar or two cheaper from some other provider, but the company is truly unbeatable for web hosting plans. If you buy both Domain & hosting from Accuweb, then you may get an unbelievable discount. You can contact there HERE to know more.

What about directly asking for a discount

What about directly asking for a discount

Obviously, you need a lot of evaluation before settling for a web hosting company, and rather than directly saying a “yes” to any specific hosting provider, you should also research a while for discount coupons.

There are several web hosting coupon providing sites like TWHDIR, WH Top, Accuweb, etc., you may not know, but you can even buy an awesome VPS hosting pan worth $50 for just $15 (happens many times in the cases of Accuweb).

Now here comes the second case!

If you are already rolling on with some web hosting, but looking forward to downgrading your plan, then you can try a smart trick!

You can contact them and ask them for a discount when it’s the time for plan renewal. Tell them that the current cost of your web hosting plan is hurting you (if it’s really hurting you), and the downgraded plan isn’t fulfilling your requirements.

Also, tell them that you’ve found some nice hosting provider (although you actually haven’t), who is more reasonable, and also fulfills the requirements, and in this case, if you’re a valuable customer, your current host won’t let you go. There is a big possibility that they agree on giving you a discount for a month or two to somehow retain you.

Is this trick called blackmailing?

Well, hahaha (keep laughing as long as you like)

But at the same time, we’d recommend you to approach them with ease, stay gentle, and ask for a discount that is not “unfair” to them. It’s gonna be a win-win scene, as you’re getting a discount, and they’re getting their services renewed and retaining you as a customer.

Special Day Offers: Best time to buy hosting

Special Day Offers

Yes, special day offers can bring a great smile to your face. You may be enjoying a crazy deal on cinema, clothes, electronics, and the pretty same way, you can get the same while buying web hosting also.

Wanna get some examples?

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the most notable period for mind-blowing discounts, and you’ll be shocked to know that you can buy hosting for less than half the price also!

All you need is patience, a bit of research, and you can also ask the chat support of hosting providers and ask about the discount timings. Yes, it does work.

Pay for only what you need

Here, there’s some homework for you to do. You have to analyze your own website and understand the actual requirements of your website. Sometimes, you don’t even know, and you keep on paying much more than your actual requirements.

If you’re already going on with any web hosting, we’d recommend checking disc space, bandwidth, etc., and if you find that much of the resources are going in vain, you can downgrade your plan at your next renewal.

If you haven’t acquired any web hosting yet, then you need to read the specs of your selected plan keenly. Sometimes, the charge goes too high only because of one or two features.

If you are planning a small website, you don’t need much storage space, so don’t buy any web hosting plan providing huge disc space. Similarly, if you feel that it’s gonna take a few months to drive traffic to your website, don’t spend behind bandwidth.

Also, you end up paying extra for something that’s absolutely not needed. Don’t go for extra service until and unless you absolutely need it. Examples of extra services that a few hosting companies provide in return for an extra cost include SEO, SMS notification, monitoring, Sitelock, Backup, Email notification, site audit, etc.

And you know what, if your plan already has such extra services, you can decrease the plan’s price by telling your host that you don’t need such services and request them to eliminate those unwanted services.

After eliminating such services, you can highly reduce your hosting budget.

Shared Hosting will save money: Sharing is caring (self caring this time)!

Shared Hosting will save money

Suppose your requirements aren’t that high, then you shouldn’t go for dedicated or VPS hosting, as they cost pretty high. In such a case, buying shared hosting proves to be the most beneficial.

A shared web hosting is a sort of website hosting that splits all the web server resources between numerous domains. For the small size of websites, low traffic sites, and personal blogs, in general, shared hosting proves to be perfect.

There are huge advantages of having shared hosting, and the biggest one is low-cost. Won’t you love to know others?

Shared hosting is very easy to use

This is not just true but amazing for users who prefer to manage their sites without possessing any technical skills. In reality, most well-known shared web hosting services do provide a good control panel, such as cPanel, which permits you to upload and download files with convenient clicks.

Besides that, the cPanel File Manager tools accompany options to copy, delete, move, rename, and even change the permissions of folders and files of your website or blog.

No Bandwidth limitations

The web hosting providers will offer unlimited Bandwidth (most of the time) for your website per month. So, no problems will be there if you use 1 GB of Bandwidth or even more; however, as there’s a real server with restricted Bandwidth, you aren’t supposed to overload the server because the host may suspend your account.

In other cases, in case you use much Bandwidth that infects the other domains, your hosting provider may send you a warning through an email asking to upgrade your plan for a suitable bandwidth limit. Now, that’s the case of just 1% or less of the total domains hosted on shared accounts.

Multiple domain hosting

For those looking to host multiple domains, shared hosting is the right way to go. Most web hosts allow hosting numerous websites on the same account.

But, that does come with limitations; some permit 2, 3, or 5 domains per account, while others have nothing to restrict unless you have huge surges of traffic visiting your sites. So, for students, developers, and individuals needing to host a few sites, the shared hosting will prove to be perfect.

Easy email hosting and setup

Having numerous emails with your domain name is an advantage, as an email with your domain name isn’t an option; rather, it’s a sort of branding weapon. Even better, when you are provided with a cPanel on a low-cost web hosting plan, you can conveniently add email, allocate quota, remove emails, and even forward emails to Gmail.

Hunt Down Coupon Codes

So, why hunt down coupon codes, and how can they decrease your web hosting budget?

Well, these are a fruitful combination of letters and numbers that can bring you a promotion box while buying online. You enjoy a discount on the entire purchase amount. So, how can you be the lucky web hosting client and cut the hosting costs?

A few webs hosting companies out there do provide coupon codes and have promotions, and you should no way stay behind in reaping such sweet discounts.

However, you have to hunt down promotion links for reaping such advantages!

Buy a Hosting Plan for an Extended Time Period

So, what’s the core reason behind buying yearly packages of web hosting. You should know that the renewal of a web hosting plan may be pretty expensive. Most of the time, you don’t enjoy any discounts on such occasions.

Also, in a few cases, you get a good enough discount for the very first month, but from the second month, the pricing highly hurts.

You may not believe it, but buying a hosting plan for an extended time period lowers the cost to an unbelievable level. For example, if there’s a plan available at $10, you may contact your host and ask them what they’ve got to offer in case you pay the invoice for one year. There are chances that you get the same hosting plan for $60-70 for the whole year!

Join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Hosting Affiliate Program

What if we say that there’s a way through which you don’t just get great discounts but also open the gates of income?

Yes, that’s possible!

There are several web hosts which provide tremendous affiliate programs. Some good examples include Hostgator, Bluehost, and Accuweb.

Accuweb’s hosting program is the king of all, and you get unbelievable commissions! It’s true that you can make $500 while other hosting affiliate programs may let you make around $150-200 with the same efforts.

Besides the earning factor, you can also get great discounts on your hosting plans if you join their affiliate programs, but for that, you’ll have to show them how you’re going to bring them sales (for example, via social media, website, or any other means).

Now, here’s the second case:

We’ll take Accuweb’s affiliate program’s example here. 1 to 10 new signup / Month for shared hosting gives you $25 per signup, which means if you’re a group of 10 college guys, you can make a profit of $250 straightaway.

The scene doesn’t stop there!

11 to 20 new signups / Month for shared hosting gives you $40 per signup, which means if you somehow manage the 11th guy to buy this hosting, your earning will be 11 signups x 40$= $440!

Just imagine in case you’ve settled on a VPS hosting plan from Accuweb at $8, then you’ll have to actually pay nothing for years, as you’ve got $440 via the affiliate program itself.

Testimonials and Reviews

Now, before buying any hosting web service, a smart person either looks for the expert’s reviews, or customer reviews, as you get to know the truth there.

A positive testimonial or review is no less than a blessing for any hosting provider, as, on the basis of that, they can sell service to more people. There are many hosts who get you discounts in case you submit your positive review or testimonial.

If the host which you’ve decided to go with doesn’t provide such discounts openly, you can directly ask them whether they’ll be giving you discounts for that or not.

If not discount, then you may at least get some additional services in your plan!

The last one: Free Hosting

Undoubtedly, you need to keep your expectations down to the floor while rolling on with free hosting, and besides that, stay ready for whatever is asked in favor of that free hosting.

Free hosting isn’t a safe option; we know that, but if you’re a fresher looking just to try hands in blogging, free hosting is perfect. Some free hosting plans do include amazing features and even customer support.

So, what are you asked in return for free hosting?

Well, not much actually, in case you’re acquiring free web hosting from a reputed website, then you don’t need to worry much you may be asked for writing reviews or give testimonials about the hosting provider, in return for a free plan.

If you’re a student or a non-profit organization, then you can find several hosts providing you with free hosting plans with amazing features.

Tips to Reduce Your Budget: Shall We Wrap Up?

You may come across so-called “tech-geeks” advising you to reduce your web hosting service costs this way and that way, but we’ve put forth only the sober and legit ideas which 200% work in real life.

We’d say 9 out of 10 buyers don’t consider trying a bit to reduce this cost, but the reality is that they miss huge chances. You don’t have to break your hand and leg to get a discount, and we’re sure that if you try well, at least something is going to certainly work out for you.

We won’t conclude before recommending a host that’s most generous not just with their discount schemes but also their normal pricing. It’s none other than Accuweb Hosting. You can contact our support, tell them which web hosting plan you’re interested in, and we’ll recommend ways of earning a discount from their side!

So, buy smart, and plan smart!

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