Email List Cleaner

What is Email List Cleaner?

Email List Cleaner is the process of eliminating bad and undeliverable email addresses from the list and final output will be the list of email addresses which are clean, valid and deliverable.

Should I clean my list?

Sending your marketing campaigns to only “clean” emails helps to maintain mail server reputation by reducing bad email deliveries. Checkout our comparison of top 10 email list cleaner services.

What kind of cleaning accuracy can be expected?

After your email address list is cleaned, you can expect around 95% to 99% accuracy, e.g., 95% to 99% emails from that list are guaranteed to be delivered successfully. Providers like Hubuco offers 99% guarantee while Briteverify offers 98% guarantee of deliveriability.

How much does it costs?

Cleaning of first few thousand emails is offered free of cost by most of these email list cleaners. Beyond that, you can expect $30 to $50 for cleaning of 8,000 to 10,000 email addresses.

We have compared various email list cleaner services and generated a comprehensive list of the top 10 email list cleaners that are excellent and more than just a cheap email verification services.

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