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A Guide to Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio is a platform consisting of services and tools to assist with the creation of various applications. It includes an array of features to support the ability to connect team members, project data, and much more. An integrated development environment (IDE) solution, Microsoft Visual Studio allows users to create applications and programs for Windows operating systems, web sites, applications, and services.

Application Development with Visual Studio 2013

From iOS to Android, desktop to the cloud, there are a plethora of platforms that developers and coders must keep in mind when creating an application. Visual Studio makes it possible to create tools and services that target users regardless of their platform. Whether you’re building a website, a mobile application, or creating an internal solution for your business team, Visual Studio makes it easy to use your existing HTML, JavaScript, and C++ skills to create a meaningful solution.

The most popular ways that application developers utilize Visual Studio include:

Application Lifecycle Management

Since digital trends are evolving more quickly than ever, it’s vital to invest in a modern application lifecycle management solution. For years, developers and coders have trusted Visual Studio to provide a flexible and innovative solution. Now, Visual Studio 2013 removes the barriers that have made application lifecycle management so challenging. Visual Studio’s flexible and agile solutions are designed to adapt to modern trends and the specific needs of any team. The benefits include, but are not limited to:

Following video introduce Application Lifecycle Management Using Visual Studio 2013 :


Experience the Benefits of Visual Studio Online

Do you need to work on the cloud? Visual Studio 2013 comes with additional cloud services designed for virtually every development project. You can host your code in the cloud, which ensures security, collaborative ease, and source control. It’s never been easier to manage work in a single place. Visual Studio provides tools that allow you to track requirements, create a backlog, monitor progress, and much more.

Building your software in the cloud creates an opportunity to automate mundane processes and create a more efficient way to develop apps. Since everything is in the cloud, you can easily gain insight into your applications and analyze pertinent business data such as the global availability of your application, dynamic reports about the user experience, and insight into user profiles.

Visual Studios 2013 is a practical solution for small and major businesses alike. Agile portfolio management, virtual team rooms, and web-based test case management are just a few of the many solutions that make Visual Studios a game changer for modern businesses.

To experience the full benefits that Visual Studios 2013 has to offer, it’s important to invest in a VPS hosting solution. Whether it’s shared hosting, Windows VPS, or Cloud VPS, AccuWebHosting provides the solutions necessary for quality performance. Interested in learning more about Visual Studios 2013 and VPS hosting? Then contact us today to learn more.

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