Fully Managed Windows VPS Support @ $12.96/Month only

OLD TAPPAN, New Jersey – November 26, 2012 – AccuWebHosting, a leading provider of web hosting for individuals and businesses, has recently rolled out a new pricing package for its fully-managed support for Windows virtual private server hosting. With some of the most affordable hosting plans in the industry, AccuWebHosting offers website hosting, as well as Cloud-based data hosting for low monthly rates.

“We’ve introduced Fully Managed Windows VPS Support at very affordable rates,” an AccuWeb spokesperson said. “Previously rates were $60 per Month and they have now reduced to $12.96 per month only. This facility is only available to AccuWebHosting Windows VPS customers.”

AccuWebHosting offers several layers of Windows VPS hosting options, including basic support, which includes server reboots and basic account changes like passwords and IP addresses, and unmanaged support, which allows the customer to manage his or her own accounts.

With AccuWebHosting’s fully-managed Windows VPS hosting, customers are able to take advantage of AccuWebHosting’s extensive experience in managing Windows servers. This allows businesses and individuals to turn network management over to a team of network professionals for the low price of $12.96 per month. For this price, customers will receive:

  • Hardware management—All Windows VPS customer data is stored on AccuWebHosting’s powerful hardware, which will be purchased, managed, and replaced by AccuWebHosting staff. Hardware will be monitored by AccuWebHosting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Software installation—AccuWebHosting will install third-party software for Windows VPS customers free of charge. Configuration and troubleshooting is the customer’s responsibility, but AccuWebHosting will make every effort to ensure the software is operational on their end.
  • O/S assistance—AccuWebHosting’s support doesn’t stop at the hardware level. The company will troubleshoot any operating system problem the customer reports, as well as problems with the control panel that goes with AccuWebHosting’s Windows VPS accounts. Updates and patches will also be applied to your operating system at specified intervals to keep it safe from malware.
  • Fast response time—AccuWebHosting’s help desk provides quick support anytime you need it. Each Windows VPS account comes with two hours of free admin support each month.

Windows VPS hosting provides secure hosting on a dedicated server. Because data is stored on a dedicated server space, clients don’t have to worry about the issues that can occur when sharing server space with other websites, including known potential problems with sharing IP addresses. Managed hosting gives customers full technical support, as opposed to unmanaged hosting that requires the customer to maintain software and hardware on his or her own.

AccuWebHosting has 14 years of experience in providing hosting to customers. With a team of experienced professionals, the company is able to provide secure Cloud-based hosting that saves companies money. By contracting with AccuWebHosting for Windows VPS hosting, clients can focus on the day-to-day activities of their business without having to pay for expensive server equipment and staff to maintain and support it.

Click here for more information on AccuWebHosting’s Windows VPS hosting support options.

Rahul Vaghasia

Rahul Vaghasia

Rahul is CEO at AccuWebHosting.com. He shares his web hosting insights at AccuWebHosting blog. He mostly writes on the latest web hosting trends, WordPress, storage technologies, Windows and Linux hosting platforms.
Rahul Vaghasia
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