Secure Email Communication – Email client problem in SSDLINUX32 server

We always believe in staying ahead of the industry and continue to improve our infrastructure to implement the latest industry trends. To that direction, recently we have upgraded couple of our linux machines Linux28 and Linux29, to the latest hardware and software technology available in the industry, and powered by high speed pure SSD drives.

On this latest node, to offer secure email communications, we have also installed SSL certificate on this server’s hostname “”.  Due to this, some of our customers have reported the following problem in their email clients.

Internet Security Warning

To resolve this problem, please reconfigure your email client settings with following changes:

Incoming mail server ::
POP3 port:: 995

Incoming mail server ::
IMAP port:: 993

Outgoing mail server ::
SMTP port:: 465

  • This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) :: Checked
  • Leave a copy messages on the server :: Checked if you want to leave one copy of email on the server.
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection :: SSL

If you do not use SSL option in email client, emails should work as usual. No actions are required at your end. If you still face any issue, you can contact us by submitting the ticket or initiating the Live chat session.

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