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Content Delivery Network (CDN) :: Benefits & Drawbacks

Being webhost, when customers report us for their slow website or blog, we encourage them to integrate Content Delivery Network (CDN). Let’s discuss what are benefits and drawbacks of Content Delivery Network.

What is CDN?

A Content Delivery Network(CDN) is a cluster of geographically distributed servers being used to deliver static content like images, scripts, CSS and libraries quickly to visitors from the nearest server. In simpler words; when visitors browse any website, CDN chooses the nearest server to deliver static content used in website. CDN allows the visitors faster page loads and enhanced user experience.

CDN Benefits

CDN Drawbacks

Do I need CDN service?

You should consider CDN service;

CDN is utter growing trend in the today’s world because key parameters that Google analyzes for optimal ranking are 1) load times 2) user experience 3) number of repeated visits. CDN technology is geared to address all these parameters. If you have noticed, some of the top websites are backed up by CDN technology. So it’s worth a try. At AccuWebHosting; we make CDN service truly seamless, quick, and easy. The AccuWebHosting team will help you with all the technical setup involved in your hosting account.

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