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What Businesses Need to Know about Windows WebsitePanel

As a small business owner, you may not know much about your company’s computer infrastructure other than how and when you need it to deliver. Whether employing qualified IT staff or investing in managed virtual private server hosting, you place a high priority on the quality, security, and functionality of your systems.

For business owners employing Windows cloud servers, running their hosting infrastructures can be a complicated process. Fully managed VPS hosting services can reduce the burden on understaffed or unqualified IT staff while providing superior data storage, backup, and security. In addition, many packages include valuable software tools that make IT management easier for companies, whether they select managed or unmanaged hosting services.

One of the tools to look for in a comprehensive VPS hosting service is infrastructure automation software, such as Windows WebsitePanel. Often at no additional charge, this multifaceted, open-source resource helps IT managers gain better control by centralizing administration and giving them access to real-time community support.

What Happens When Companies Don’t Use the Right Automation Infrastructures?

Infrastructure automation – also known as IT management, provisioning, system configuration management, scripted infrastructures, and several other terms – is the method by which developers create uniform operations across systems, from installing operating systems to configuring servers to managing how software applications communicate with one another. Once a script has been created for a particular process, it will then apply to multiple environments, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Not all companies have embraced infrastructure automation, relying instead on traditional approaches. For instance, they may set up their various environments manually or write and run groupings of scripts that require humans to oversee them. The results of these approaches often include more errors and longer cycle times, ultimately leading to slower results.

Without proper automation infrastructure, companies can feel as though they don’t have control over their data or find administration too complex. They may also feel boxed in by rigid infrastructures or a lack of valuable input from leaders in their industries. When administrators incorporate automation infrastructures, it helps reduce complexity, increase productivity, and spark innovation.

What is WebsitePanel, and How can it Help My Business?

WebsitePanel is an open-source control panel that offers support to users of private cloud servers. Designed exclusively for Windows, it not only helps companies centralize their hosting infrastructure management; it also lets users share resources among several customer accounts.

This valuable automation tool contains many features to streamline server processes, including:

Best of all, WebsitePanel is included at no additional charge with many virtual private server hosting packages, making it only one of a multitude of reasons these solutions are compelling investments for discerning ecommerce companies. The platform imposes no licensing fees for accounts, users, or instances. In short, this is a free tool to help streamline your new or existing applications.

WebsitePanel makes web hosting easier on clients in several ways, including:


The WebsitePanel community also includes a forum where users can pose questions and find solutions from other members. By becoming a WebsitePanel contributor, you can create constructive alliances that further increase your profile in the business community. It’s great for accessing niche markets and staying competitive on a wider scale.

What Else Do I Need to Know about WebsitePanel?

WebsitePanel is a remarkable resource. It benefits your company’s internal operations, and it is an exceptional tool to improve the way you do business. When IT staff aren’t glued to complex administrative duties, it frees them up to innovate in other ways, from your website to your end products.

In addition, WebsitePanel is an ideal resource for resellers, allowing them to generate subaccounts and delegate resources. This helps lower marketing and sales expenses. Thanks to automated usage reporting, SaaS licensing is easier as well.

At every level of your business, infrastructure automation tools such as WebsitePanel can streamline processes, eliminate burdens, and produce an exponential ROI. As you consider a VPS hosting package for your company, find out whether this valuable resource is included. You may be surprised at the difference it makes. Contact us at AccuWebHosting today to learn more.

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