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Advanced tools for Hyper-V Windows VPS Backups

Each and every year, unrecoverable data loss costs the loss of millions of dollars in the business. One survey says that less than 50% of the small businesses hardly can recover their data lost. For large businesses, losing of data will affect a  lot of customers as well as employees. Data can be lost from computer or server in any number of ways, may be you might accidentally delete a file and some other reason.

To overcome this issue, regular backup of your data will save your precious data. Backing up servers and virtual machines has never been easy, however, there are many tools are now available to help IT administrators to protect their virtual infrastructures. IT administrators on a budget may easily use very capable Windows VPS backup tools which come with the small price tag, some vendors also provide free versions of their product.

This tools can easily ensure that your most important data remains as it is after any type of failure within your computer or server. It’s now easier for organizations to realize cost savings from virtualization. However while saving money, organizations still need to recover critical data when any computer or human error occurs. Take a look at following Hyper-V backup software tools, compare product features against your needs, and then decide which one is right for your organization:

» R1Soft/Idera

R1Soft/Idera Server Backup is a free backup tool for Windows as well as Linux platform. Idera is an affordable, high-performance, disk-to-disk backup software. Anyone can install Idera directly on the server for which user like to backup.Idera allows users to store Disk Safes on the following resources:

AccuWebHosting is a US based leading Web Hosting provider since decade. AccuWebHosting offers complimentary backup support for each of its Premium Windows VPS hosting accounts, ensuring websites are safe year after year. This complimentary backup service includes one data restore per month. Additional backup services are also available in low cost. Company uses Idera as a backup tool. Following are features of Idera Backup tool:

Features of RISoft/Idera’s Windows VPS Backup Tool:

» Veeam Software

The thing that makes Veeam unique is the company’s experience in virtualization backup, speed, efficiency and value. Veeam says this agentless backups are now 20 times faster with change-block tracking in Hyper-V, in which the entire VM can be restored in two minutes with the Instant VM restore feature. This tool also offer “forever incremental” backups, deduplication, compression, and unique ways to minimize network traffic which does not affect production.Veeam Backup for Hyper-V includes replication that can achieve recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives that equate to near continuous data protection.

Features of Veeam Software’s Windows VPS Backup Tool:

Veeam Protects more than 4 million VMs of 60000+ customers. Veeam Backup & Replication is helping the organizations to make the most of their investments in virtualization.

» SyncBackSE

SyncBackSE has established itself as world-class in the area of backup as well as in synchronization software. The program also allows administrator to create groups of profiles for easier overall manageability as well as task execution and this is a very handy feature. Together with backing up, this software can also be used to synchronize two computers. SyncBackSE can backup data to the hard drives, network drives, external hard drives, DVD, CD, and also to the FTP sites. It can backup files which are locked or open so you can make sure every file is backed up. SyncBackSE has a wide range of customizable features which are as follows:

Features of SyncBackSE’s Windows VPS Backup Tool:

» 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V

Currently Hyper-V backup solutions are generally expensive as well as isolated solutions which are not easy to integrate with other Hyper-V management solutions. Hosting companies, cloud providers, as well as enterprises who uses Hyper-V need an easy, fully scriptable and cost effective tool which performs backup as well as restore. The 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is the tool that satisfies all these requirements.

The newly released 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is a part of 5nine Cloud Manager for Hyper-V that includes 5nine Cloud Backup, Monitor, Anti-Virus and Virtual Firewall for Hyper-V. 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is a highly scalable, fast, user friendly and cost effective backup and replication solution specifically designed for Hyper-V Private Clouds.

Features of 5nine Cloud’s Windows VPS Backup Tool:

» Backup for Workgroups

Backup for Workgroups was developed for the small-business owners who wish to backup all of the files from every computers of their network. Usually these groups of computers are known as workgroups, and every computer is known as workstation or client. This server backup software is very easy to set up on the server or PC, it can also manage the backup as well as restoration for all of the computers connected with its network. Additionally, it supports all the Windows operating systems, even though some client computers may running different versions of Windows Operating System.

Generally, this is an adequate product for backing up files, but it offers disk imaging for complete disk recovery and more options for backup media. This tool does not backup to CDs or DVDs or tape, virtual or online storage services. However, it can back up to a variety of drive types, like USB- and FireWire-connected drives, as well as HDD, SDD, SAN and NAS. It also supports RAID arrays.

Features of Backup for Workgroups Windows VPS Backup Tool:

» Altaro Hyper-V Backup

Altaro Backup is an fantastic tools for backing up as well as restoring files. It offers some unique functionality for continuous data protection, restoring to a particular restore points and even incremental backups. This software can restore files to an email address and can backup open files. This software gives user friendly interface for file restoration. Although, it doesn’t provide disk imaging or full system state restores.

Altaro Backup is a truly great product for backing up files and versions. It provides continuous data protection, also it can backup the changes instantly. This server backup software also provides a ReverseDelta technology, which is an incremental backup capability which uses less disk space compared to the full version backups. Altaro Backup can also be configured for dual backup which stores backup on separate locations. This offers an additional security of the data. It can also backup open files. This is a great backup tool for backing up of files, however, it is does not offers full disk imaging.

Features of Altaro Hyper-V’s Windows VPS Backup Tool:

» Yosemite Server Backup

Barracuda Networks provides several server backup products, which ranges from a normal entry-level version to the unlimited enterprise-level version. Barracuda’s product which fits this criteria is Yosemite Server Backup software. This server backup software is easy to use as compared with other backup tools, it also supports most backup media types, such as all disk type devices. Additionally, this software has good encryption options and can handle all types of schedules, including complex popular scheduling protocols.

Features of Yosemite Server’s Windows VPS Backup Tool:

These softwares can ensure that your most important data remains as it was prior to any sort of failure. It’s now easier than ever for organizations to realize cost savings from virtualization. But while saving money, organizations still need to be able to recover critical data when computer or human error occurs.

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